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eighties arcade + virtual reality


80s inspired Shoot'em Up built from the ground up for the HTC Vive

This VR title is a unique room-scale third-person shooter. Control the Nightstar by moving your Motion Controller in space, shooting a vast variety of enemies, and avoiding obstacles and enemy fire. Play through 8 levels of non-stop action, upgrade your starfighter and immortalize your name on the global leaderboard. 


Game Development and Graphics / Bruno Gruber
Music / Thiago Adamo



PLAYER'S reviews


We believe that the most honest voices are the ones from our beloved players. We are real people making games for real players. The following quotes come directly from our reviews on Steam, and we are proud to share them with you.

Love this game, wildly addictive - reminiscent of arcade style shoot em ups that I still love to play (galaga!), but finally arrived in VR in all of its glory!!!
Awesome game...really immersive and addicting,(...) well worth your money for a change in VR!!!!
Super fun game! The feeling of traveling through space is awesome, and because of the static background and steady velocity, works well without any dizziness whatsoever.

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