NIGHTSTAR UPDATE! 0.2a is now available!

Hello, my fellow pilots. I'm happy to announce that the first public update for NIGHTSTAR is out. This is the first of a series of updates that will come with new content, balance adjustments and bug fixes. 

Here's the changelog: 

- Additional Shield. If the player has three health points and gets an additional Health Pickup, the starfighter's shield will overcharge creating an additional barrier for enemy fire. This barrier shows on-screen surrounding the player's ship, and on the floating HUD as a line surrounding the player's health. 

- New fire mode: Homing Missiles! When the player reaches level 19, a new weapon will unlock, allowing the Nightstar to fire deadly homing missiles. 

- Balance tweaks. Many values were tweaked in order to achieve a better balance for the game. 

- Graphics! New textures and shaders for the player and enemy ships, asteroids, and others. 

That's all for today. More to come soon!